Conventional Wellhead

Wellhead and Christmas tree products are used to monitor well pressure, adjust oil/gas well flow and prevent the release of hazardous liquid and gas from entering into air or water during drilling and oil & gas production. They can be applicable for acidizing, fracturing, water flooding and testing as well. Jereh wellhead and Christmas tree products are designed in compliance with API 6A (20th edition) and NACE MR0175. We are dedicated to providing safe and reliable wellhead equipment for global customers.



Jereh wellhead equipment covers a full range of wellhead and Christmas trees, casing heads and tubing head assembly, applicable for working pressure up to 15,000 psi, available in various sizes and types, including conventional wellhead, multi bowl wellhead, integral wellhead, dual tubing wellhead and ESP wellhead.Conventional wellhead is available in two types-JS and JC. JS type wellhead equipment offers the highest performance in the industry, suitable for different working condition and completion type of various well depth. JC type wellhead equipment offers a cost-efficient and reliable choice. Components of JC type and JS type are not interchangeable. But JC type is able to operate in conjunction with JS type and share tubing spools and hangers.

JC Type Wellhead Equipment:

⊙a cost-efficient and reliable wellhead

⊙not interchangeable with JS type components, yet able to use with JS type

⊙share tubing spools and hangers with JS type

⊙single 45°load shoulder design, various choices of secondary seals

JS Type Wellhead Equipment:

⊙applicable for all well depths and completion arrangements

⊙double 45°load shoulders, upper load shoulder supporting hanger seal and pressure test, lower one supporting casing string independently.

⊙available in various secondary seals


Specification 2 1/16"~4 1/16"
Working Pressure 2,000~15,000psi
Working Medium Crude oil, natural gas, mud and gas (H2S or CO2)
Temperature Level K~X (-60℃~180℃)
Material Grade AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
Manufacturing Level PSL1~PSL3G
Performance Level PR1~PR2

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