Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP)

The WHCP is an emergency shutdown system, installed near the wellhead, which is an automatic control system for SCSSV, MV and WV valves and can achieve remote emergency shutdown with functions such as high and low pressure protection of the production pipeline, anti-fire and H2S gas leakage shutdown.


Wellhead control panel (WHCP), also known as wellhead/downhole safety control system, can be divided into single wellhead control and multiple wellhead control basins according to the number of controlled wellheads. The wellhead safety control system (WHCP) is mainly used for controlling the surface and underground safety of oil and gas wells, providing safety protection for unmanned oil and gas wells in the field, effectively preventing or reducing oil and gas well accidents. High pressure, high, and high-risk oil (gas) wells that are widely used in various outdoor environments such as land, ocean platforms, artificial islands, and deserts. Each has functions such as emergency shutdown, transportation shutdown, industrial shutdown, and fire shutdown. The power can be provided by meters, natural gas, nitrogen, solar energy, AC power, and DC power.


Main technical parameters:
Control the number of wells: single well/multiple wells; (Commonly used 1-20 wells, higher please consult)
Control valve types: downhole safety valve (SCSSV), surface safety valve (SSV), ESDV, other hydraulic or pneumatic valves; Pressure output range: 0~30000PSI; (For higher pressure, please consult)
Environmental temperature: -40~60 ℃;
Melting temperature of the fusible plug: 160℉ (71 ℃)~281℉ (138 ℃) * optional;
Explosion proof level: not lower than ExdllBT4; Protection level: not less than IP65; Cabinet material: stainless steel (304/316/316L) * optional; 
Drive mode: pneumatic/manual/electric/solar.

Reference execution standards:
SY/T7603 Wellhead Safety Control System for Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Equipment;
APISPEC6A Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment;
APISPEC14A Underground Safety Valve Equipment Specification;
APISPEC14D Specification for Upper Safety Valves and Underwater Safety Valves for Offshore Wellheads;
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Analysis, design, installation, and testing of the ground safety system for APIRP14C offshore production platform;
Recommended practice for location classification of electrical equipment for petroleum installations using APIRP500;
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ASMEVI Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels;
ASMEB31.3 Process Pipeline.

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