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Jereh does not only provide employment, but aims to:
● establish an eco-friendly, sincere and healthy platform and create a pleasing and harmonious working environment for the employees, hereinafter referred to as “the Employees” or “You”;
● establish a platform for the Employees to exhibit talents and obtain career development;
● establish a platform of open communication, empowerment, integrity and respect, where everyone works hard, creates and shares the wealth;
● establish an effective business platform with complete management systems, and achieve the goals of both the Company and the Employees through the enterprise’s steady growth; and
● establish a transparent and highly regarded system and to make everything that is difficult, easier.

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At Jereh, we hold ourselves to a high standard of business and professional conduct. We work in a world where the pace is fast and change is constant, but some things will never change, like our commitment to doing business honestly, ethically, legally and with respect for one another. We believe that long-term, trusting business relationships are built by being honest, open and fair.

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