Jereh 35.3 MMSCFD LNG Project Accomplishes Commissioning

Dec. 27, 2019 Industry News by: Jereh

Yantai/December 25, a 35.3 MMSCFD LNG project conducted by Jereh accomplished commissioning in one-time success and initiated liquefaction operation smoothly. It marks that the cooperation between Jereh Group and Wanji Group has achieved another productive result and that Jereh is taking deeper roots in developing natural gas business layout.

Jereh 35.3 MMSCFD LNG Project Accomplished Commissioning (1)

Started in August, 2018, the project is successfully completed within only 16 months, thanks to the strict and effective management system.

Erdos possesses rich natural resources, thus abounding with petrochemical projects and well-developed logistics industry, which leads to a high demand for vehicle-use natural gas.

The project will create plentiful job positions and securing a balanced economical-environmental development by bringing positive influence to natural gas vehicles, natural gas peak shaving and coal-to-gas industries.

Adopting advanced design ideology under new regulations, the project employs Jereh-developed natural gas purification and liquefaction process package, which not only guarantees the quality of engineering but also shortens project delivery time, thus helping client realize stable income in the quicker time.

Jereh 35.3MMSCFD LNG Project Accomplished Commissioning (2)

After being put into production, the project will provide more than 300,000 tons of natural gas annually and get 171-million-dollar annual revenues, contributing to both regional economy and the implementation of national policy of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction.

Jereh 35.3MMSCFD LNG Project Accomplished Commissioning (3)

As the project contactor, Jereh owns complete gas processing technology and engineering construction capability, who once undertook many major projects including China’s first shale gas LNG plant for commercialization, Xinjiang’s first CBM demonstration engineering project and so forth.

Jereh 35.3MMSCFD LNG Project Accomplished Commissioning (4)

In the future, Jereh will leverage its professional, comprehensive engineering service capability and take on more social responsibilities to provide more frontier technologies and quality service for clients and also the industry growth.


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