Mud Tank

Jereh Skid-mounted mud Tank is rectangle with its base constructed by I-beam and other section bars. Skid-mounted structure is made on the basis of guaranteeing its strength. The mud tank adopts centralized electric control. Manifolds equipped (mud mixing manifold, mud gun manifold, mud pump suction manifold, feeding manifold, etc.) are all built-in for convenient installation, disassembly and transportation. Heating and heat preservation system are equipped on tank body in polar region. ​


Jereh Skid-mounted mud Tank has the following advantages for drilling site application:

Ensuring zero mud loss,

reducing environmental pollution,

lowering labor intensity

meeting drilling requirements in time via mud mixing.

JEREH can design and manufacture mud tanks of different shapes (spherical, oval, square shape with circular arc bottom) and different materials according to customers’ requirements. Features of this mud tank include: aesthetic appearance, smooth internal and external surface, non-toxic, odorless, ability to resist acid, alkaline, impact, high temperature, coldness, aging, along with convenient installation and transportation, easy cleaning and maintenance, strong adaptability, etc. The tanks are widely used in such industries as petrochemical, food and water industry.


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