Choke Manifold & Data Head

Choke Manifold and Data Head are key components in surface test system.


Choke Manifold and Data Head are key components in surface test system.  


Choke Manifold 

Used to control flow and pressure during testing
Special five-valve module (gate valve)
Double-bean design: one (1) positive choke valve with a pressure relief valve on one side and one (1) manual choke valve on the other side. 
Full bore and two-way metal seal
Choke bean features hard alloy inside, delivering high resistance to erosion and corrosion.

Data Head

Installed on upstream and downstream of choke manifold, equipped with pressure ports and temperature ports to connect pressure gauge, pressure sensor and chemical injection device.
Easy for pressure and temperature record and monitor.
A sampling port is available for fluid sampling.
Pressure port can be used to inject chemicals such as anti-freezing agent and anti-foaming agent to prevent hydrate from blocking flow path.
Autoclave is available for pressure above 10,000psi.


Bore 2 1/16"~ 4 1/16"
Working Pressure 5,000~15,000psi
Temperature Level L, P, U
Material Grade DD, EE, FF, HH
Manufacturing Level PSL2, PSL3, PSL3G, PSL4
Performance Level PR1, PR2
Standards API SPEC 6A , API SPEC 16C

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