Tubing Inspection System

Jereh tubing inspection system (JTIS) is mainly for detection of outer diameter and ovality of coiled tubing string and inspection of such defects as wall scratches, holes and pits via MFL during CT operation.



⊙ High Interchangeability: It is applicable for coiled tubing of all specifications by simply changing the probes.

⊙ High Accuracy: Multi-channel sensors and data fusion technology are employed realizing real time inspection and bringing high efficiency and accuracy.

⊙ Simple & Reliable: Simple installation eliminates the process of lifting and tubing threading; non-contact detection prevents from oil dirt or dust caused inspection inaccuracy; CT can be effectively protected during inspection.

⊙ Energy-saving: Permanent magnet unnecessitates excitation source.


CT Size 1.25"~3.5"
Tubing Rate 48.7 m/min
CT Ovality Accuracy 0.10%
Wall Thickness Accuracy 0.005"
ID Accuracy 1/32"
Blind Hole Accuracy (W x D) 1.5875 mm × 15% Wall Thickness
Transverse Defect Accuracy (L x W x D) 6.35 mm × 0.508 mm × 10% Wall Thickness
Longitudinal Defect Accuracy (L x W x D) 6.35 mm × 0.508 mm × 25% Wall Thickness
Ambient Temperature -25℃~70℃
Working Voltage 220V AC
Ingress Protection IP56

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