Oily Sludge Dewatering Treatment

Challenge of High Oil and Water Content Sludge in the Petroleum and Chemical Industries



In petroleum and chemical industries, high oil and water content sludge has been a serious challenge. These sludges, including oily sludge from grease trap, floating scum, and refinery residues, often contain liquid content exceeding 90% and water content exceeding 80%, presenting a serious threat to sustainable environmental practices. With years of experience in environmental protection, we are well-equipped to offer our clients with efficient, reliable, and customized solutions, ensuring that they achieve the best results when dealing with high oil and water content sludge issues. We provide integrated solutions including consulting, emgineering planning and design, reliable equipment and aftersales maintenance.

Treatment Effect:

Process Technology:


•Large heat exchange area, 1.5 times of similar equipment with the same shape and dimensions
•Explosion-proof design, safe and reliable
•Modular design, convenient installation
•After treatment, the water content of the material can reach below 25%
•Double spiral mesh structure to realize automatic cleaning of hardening
•Low energy consumption, heat exchange efficiency can exceed 80%


Oily sludge dewatering project in Xinjiang 

Material source: Oily sludge after mechanical dehydration
Time and place: Karamay in 2021
Project scope: Provide double screw drying equipment and supporting services to reduce high liquid content sludge.
Treatment capacity: 10000 tons/year
Treatment effect: Reduce the water content from 80% to 25%


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