Integral Fitting

Integral Fittings are used for connecting surface manifold. Jereh Integral Fittings are forged from high strength alloy steel, handled by advanced heat treatment technology and conducted strict factory quality control. End connections are union or thread. Many types are available including tees, laterals, wyes, long radius swivels, ells, crosses, adapters and union plugs. We also offer customized design.



⊙Body is forged from alloy steel, handled by advanced heat treatment technology to ensure the mechanical property.

⊙Inner walls vulnerable to erosion are strengthened to extend service life.

⊙Inner bores are chamfered to avoid stress concentration.


Rated Working Pressure 69.0MPa~138.0Mpa(10,000psi~20,000psi)
Nominal Size 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″
Temperature Rating -29℃~121℃(PU), -46℃~121℃ (LU) -20℉~250℉ (PU),-50℉~250℉(LU)
Service Standard, Sour Gas
Application Fracturing, Cementing, Acidizing, Testing Lines

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