Electric Heated Vaporizer

The Electric Heated Vaporizer uses a special high-efficiency electric heater to heat the water inside the cylinder. Reheating the low-temperature liquid in the compact heat exchange tube (LO2, LN2, LAr, LNG, LCO2, LC2H4, LPG, LNH3, LC3H8), using advanced water temperature control system, the amount of gasification is extremely stable when working, and the outlet temperature is normal temperature or can be set according to user requirements.



Tailor-made high efficiency electric heating equipment, general speaking, the periodicity of Automatic and semiautomatic double circuits ‘temperature control box, it is safe and certifiable, can work without intermission or infallible.
It adopts high grade special cryogenic stainless steel heat exchanger, was designed compactly and will abide rough use.
The surface is painted by the imported paint, and can keep high quality more permanently.
It uses the LG hot water special circulating pump. The water temperature is statuesque and no bedding phenomena.
You will have quieter working environment without noise and shake.
It is produced by the standards of oxygen and food.
The parts are very complete, every carburetor contains: the main body, electric heating equipment, control box, liquid level meter, thermometer, inlet valve, blow down valve ad so on.
Suitable medium: LOX,LIN,LAr,LCO2,LNG,LH2,LC₂H4,LPG,etc.
Work pressure:0.8-150.0MPa
Capacity: 50-20,000Nm³/h


Standard ASME
Capacity 6000 Nm3/h
Inlet Medium LNG
Outlet Medium NG
Design Pressure 1.2 MPa
Work Pressure 0.8 MPa
Pressure Drop ≤100 KPa
Calculate Ambient Temperature -17 ℃
Designed Temperature -196/55 ℃
Inlet Temperature 162 ℃
Outlet Temperature 10 ℃ below ambient temperature
Run Time 6~8h (stop)
Heat Transfer Area 3087.36 m2

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