Jereh Turbine Fracturing Equipment Delivers Improvements of Unconventional Energy Exploitation

Oct. 31, 2022 Industry News by: Jereh

Oct, 2022/  In addition to the vast application cases in Turbine Frac fleets, Jereh (SZ002353) announces the successful completion of their new generation “Apollo” direct drive turbine fracturing units pilot trial, achieving a new milestone in the Direct Drive Turbine Frac industry.  This pilot trial was completed for our partner in the world’s largest tight conglomerate reservoir: Mahu Oilfield. It is Jereh’s new generation Apollo turbine frac equipment debut in China. Its stable high flow rate, high pressure, and reliability have been validated in harsh environments.

Mahu Oilfield faces serious challenges in exploiting as the crude oil is trapped in tiny pores of tight conglomerate rock. Faced with difficulties such as poor reservoir conditions and underdeveloped technology, it is of great strategic importance to offer efficient solutions for exploitation. Throughout the construction, the operation pressure of Jereh new generation Apollo turbine fracturing skid ranged from 65 to 85 MPa, and the maximum displacement reached 12.5BPM. What is worth mentioning is that it takes only 2-3 seconds from 0 to 12.5 with constant performance reliability.
Multiple oilfield trials have proven Jereh’s turbine frac’s capability for stable operation. In 2020, the first complete  fleet of Apollo Turbine Frac was delivered to Houston. So far, it has completed over 40,000 hours fracturing operation. It also confirmed the success in reducing emissions to run on multiple fuel sources such as LNG, CNG and field gas. Compared with traditional diesel engine frac spreads, Jereh’s turbine fracturing equipment may reduce costs by lowering the operating footprint by 43% for a full fleet, while providing more HHP.
The EPA states that the U.S. has vast reserves of unconventional oil and natural gas, and by innovating hydraulic fracturing technologies we enable greater access to oil and natural gas in shale formations. As is reported by EIA, the U.S. underground natural gas storage capacity reached 9.26 MMCF (2021) and proved crude oil reserves reached 35.8 billion barrels (2020). As unconventional oil and gas exploitation navigates the current economic and ESG landscape, there are two growing requirements: to find new cost efficiency and to reduce its carbon footprint.
Since 2013, Jereh has been developing and validating next-generation fracturing equipment to reduce emissions, while improving operational efficiency and economics. Jereh targets these challenges with high-proven products: Direct Drive Turbine Frac and Electric Frac. By now, Jereh turbine fracturing equipment has published 29 application, and has issued 9 patents in the US.

Jereh First Generation Apollo Turbine Frac, 2014

Jereh Second Generation Apollo Turbine Frac, 2017

Jereh First Turbine Frac in the US, 2019

2014 - launched first generation Apollo Turbine Frac with 4500hp.
2019 - launched the world’s first electric fracturing fleet solution with single pump of 5000hp.
2020 - world’s first 5000hp turbine frac fleet was deployed in the U.S.
2021 - released a new generation of Apollo turbine fracturing skid.



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