Jereh Frac Fleet Delivered to Changqing Oilfield, China

Mar. 31, 2021 Industry News by: Jereh
Recently, Jereh delivered a whole set of frac fleet, 16 in total, to client in Changqing Oilfield, which includes frac units, sand blenders, hydration units and data van.  

Changqing Oilfield is its known for low-permeability, low-pressure, low abundance features. Oil wells in this area couldn't produce oil easily without fracturing operation and the output is inadequate without injecting water into the reservoir. How to explore oil in a cost-effective way seems to be a world-class puzzle.

As early as in 2006, Jereh had started it cooperation with clients in Changqing Oilfield and provided the first batch mixer. The bond remains till this day and Jereh equipment are working relentlessly in Changqing to cope with various development challenges.

Last year, the electric frac pumper independently designed by Jereh took part in operation in Longdong Area, Gansu, which is the very first electric frac solution in this region. It facilitates local tight oil exploration leveraging its features of high pressure, large displacement, reliable and continuous operation as well environmentally friendliness. 

Since the beginning of 2021, Jereh has provided over 130 well completion and stimulation equipment to clients in China, covering the Northeast, the Northwest, Sichuan and Chongqing, Changqing, etc. 

From traditional diesel frac spread to world's first electric frac solution, Jereh always put on focus on clients' pressure and challenges and is dedicated to offering competitive solutions for oil and gas development. 



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