Jereh Contributes Sustainable Efforts to a Better Planet

Apr. 23, 2020 Industry News by: Jereh

April 22, the Earth shall embrace the 50th Earth Day, which was initiated in 1970. This year’s Earth Day takes the theme Climate Action to raise people’s awareness of climate change. “Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable.” says Earth Day Organization on its website. 


Jereh Group actively plays its part in sustainable development and keeps contributing its own efforts to the improvement of environment. 


In 2006, Jereh started oilfield environmental management business with oily waste treatment. After years of experience accumulation, its business has expanded from oilfield to urban, which covers sludge treatment, soil remediation and wastewater treatment. Till now, Jereh has treated over 900,000 tons of polluted soil and accomplished more than 500 waste water treatment projects, improving environment home and abroad. 



 Customized China’s largest soil washing facilities with process capacity of 100t/h. 


Natural gas business is another main area that Jereh is working at, where we concentrate on developing advanced facilities for acid gas removal, dehydration and etc. Wellhead associated gas is often burned directly, thus leaving a negative impact on environment due to its complex composition. Aiming at this problem, Jereh designed Playwell Micro-LNG solution to help gather, purify and re-utilize associated gas, which reduces carbon emission and benefits energy conservation as well as environmental management. By now, we have built 400+ gas fueling stations and delivered more than 20 LNG projects.



Jereh fueling stations applied in Uzbekistan to help promote the utilization of natural gas resources.


Apart from developing eco-friendly business, Jereh also encourages employees to live a more sustainable lifestyle, such as turning off all electronic devices when leaving office, setting a moderate temperature when using air conditioners and taking company’s shuttle buses for commuting. Tree-planting events are organized annually on Chinese Arbor Day as well as other environmental campaigns to raise people’s awareness of environment protection. Through these everyday moves, every Jereh staff is devoting their strength on a daily basis to make the planet a better one. 



Tree-planting events are annually organized on Chinese Arbor Day.


From oil and gas sector to the environmental management business, Jereh keeps providing customized products, services and systematic solutions to global customers. We continue to enhance our systems, processes and standards to achieve strong financial performance, create long-lasting value while supporting the transition to a lower-carbon economy.



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