Jereh Assists China's Largest Gas Turbine Powered E-Frac Operation

Sep. 13, 2022 Industry News by: Jereh

Yantai September 2, 2022/ Four of Jereh's 6MW gas turbine gensets were successfully deployed in tight gas reservoir of Changqing Oilfield, composing China's largest gas turbine powered fracturing service. The total output reached 23,200 kW, which was equivalent to the capacity of a medium-sized power station.

Compared with conventional diesel gensets, Jereh gas turbine gensets have outstanding performance in terms of high-power, fast movement, efficient assembly, completely free from the limit of the grid capacity of the remote wells. 

Jereh also supplied a full power solution including its gasification and substation system, a package pumping solution with electric sand blender, electric data van and seven 5000hp electric fracturing skids, ensuring the whole process under low-carbon operation.

About Jereh Gas Turbine Genset
2018, Jereh's R&D team started the research and design of gas turbine gensets.
2020, the first 6MW gas turbine genset in China was successfully applied in the well site. 
2021, Jereh gas turbine gensets have been tested in Daqing oilfield and Weiyuan shale gas well site.
2022, Jereh 33MW mobile gas turbine genset achieved 2,500 hours of stable operation in the U.S.

About Jereh electric fracturing unit
2019, Jereh introduced the world's first complete set of electric fracturing equipment.
2019, the world's first 7000hp electric fracturing skid of Jereh successfully came off the assembling line.
2022, Jereh offered CNPC’s first electric frac spread for large-scale application.



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