Jereh Launched New Gas-fueled Well Flushing and Wax Removal Unit

Jan. 21, 2020 Industry News by: Jereh

Yantai/January 14, 2020/ Jereh delivered self-developed new well flushing and wax removal unit to client. Different to traditional counterparts, Jereh’s new equipment is gas-fueled, which is beneficial to the environment, and able to lower cost and raise efficiency to a great extent.

By heating up water, oil or frac fluids, the unit can effectively cleanse paraffin and other impurities inside the tubing and thus being widely applied for thermal recycling operation, plug removal and well washing operation.

Special Boiler Design

The new unit adopts customized mind-blowing design to cater to client’s requirement for high safety performance and cost-effective feature.

Based on data shown below, traditional boiler has low thermal efficiency due to high-temperature smoke. Jereh engineer puts an energy-saving device on the smoke vent, increasing efficiency to above 88%. It not only reduces gas consumption but also assures the safety of operation.

Large Gas Cylinder Guarantees Safety

It usually takes more than 10 small gas cylinders to team up for gas storage. However, the risk of gas leakage is quite high due to unstable cylinders and complicated pipeline layout. In this case, Jereh uses three large gas storage cylinders, which are secured tightly and stable enough to reduce the risk of gas leakage.

Mature Heat Tracing System

Traditional heat tracing system usually conducts heat exchange through engine coolant of the chassis, easily resulting in volatile temperature of water and gas.

Jereh designed an independent system with stable heat source,which can stand alone from other system, thus effectively stability of gas supply temperature.

Complete Safety Measures and Devices

To avoid gas leakage, Jereh equips the unit with a complete series of safety devices, including overcurrent protection valve, emergency shutdown valve, safety valve, blow-off valve, back-fire relief valve, gas concentration detector and so forth, eliminating the risks of explosion and fire.


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